About Us

The MORELLI workshop was established in 1966 in a 19th Century building in Via dé Carracci 81, Bologna, Italy.

At that time production was exclusively focused on the handcrafting of door entry panels and doorbells from watchmaker’s brass sheet metal. 
Consequently, Luciano MORELLI’s workshop provided uniquely crafted products from the drawing board up to the final stages of polishing.

By placing his signature, right from the start, on each and every product, the MORELLI workshop started making a name for itself  also outside the local market.
Over the years new products were introduced and by 1975 MORELLI was selling 3 classic style, free-standing fountains and Poste Regie letter boxes in cast iron,  thus effectively opening a new market.

Then a research was started for new products in European art and crafts museums with a view to reproducing classical items from the Po Valley and mitteleuropean cultures.

MORELLI realises the importance of advertising and in the early eighties starts to appear in garden and outdoor furniture magazines, as well as gaining visibility by attending international trade fairs.

MORELLI’S success, however, opens up the market to a number of companies’ offering products similar to those found in the MORELLI catalogue, thus raising the problem of protecting the brand name, which is therefore registered both in Italy and Europe: beside the MORELLI name  is positioned the figure of two horses, which is found on many of our products.

In the early nineties MORELLI becomes a reputed leader in the field of fixtures, fittings and outdoor furnishing in cast iron, brass and wrought iron.
Shows (oppure Displays) in various European cities and the opening in 1997 of the dynamic MORELLI website:, endows the company with a far-reaching international flair and contributes to the creation of the establishment it is today.

In 1998 the first retail outlet is created in Bologna, detached from the historical head office in Via De’ Carracci, which was abbandoned in the year 2000 when it was transferred to Zola Predosa. 

This move also corresponded to the generational change within the company, which brought in Luciano’s sons, Emiliano and Paco J.,to run the establishment alongside their father.

Today our catalogue responds to numerous customer requirements, offering various types of cast iron free-standing fountains such as Milano, Apulia, Monachella and Morava.  The wall fountains Austria, Vienna and Iseo complete the range.

The downloadable MORELLI catalogues (click here) also offer a vast range of brass taps, made in Italy, including the model Francoforte with its antifreeze feature, the Quasimodo or the pressure return tap.

The MORELLI product range also includes cast iron and aluminium letter boxes, letter plates, wrought iron lamps, door entry plates, made to measure to fit both analogic and digital video and audio entry systems. 

Our history gives us the awareness of our capabilities.

Morelli S.a.s. di Morelli E. & C.
Via Mincio,13/A 40069 Zola Predosa (BO)
P.I. / C.F. 01947301204
Tel. 051.6414545

R.E.A. BO-400252
Iscr. Albo Artigiani n. 141719 del 20/07/2007
Iscr. Reg. Imp. di Bologna in data 15/02/1999 n. 01947301204


Il laboratorio artigiano MORELLI nasce a Bologna nel 1966.
Nei primi anni '90 quindi MORELLI si pone come azienda leader del settore dei complementi di arredamento in ghisa e ottone e ferro battuto.

Ad oggi il catalogo risponde alle numerose richieste dei clienti offrendo numerose tipologie di fontane da giardino in ghisa a stelo.
Completano la gamma le fontane da giardino con installazione a muro e una vasta gamma di rubinetti in ottone made in Italy.

L'ampia offerta di arredo giardino si completa con le cassette postali in ghisa ed alluminio, asole postali, illuminazione in ferro battuto, pulsantiere citofoniche anche su misura, oltre ai servizi dedicati ai condomini.